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Have fun wearing this modern interpretation of one of our oldest symbols! These handcrafted spirals are lightweight and easy to wear. While people may disagree as to whether they are also seeing an abstract treble clef, or even a pair of swans, everyone can agree that being seen in these earrings makes a definite fashion statement.

Spiral Earrings

  • Certificate of Origin:

    • 100% Handmade 
    • Handmade in Jalapao - Brazil
    • Ecological material, adhering to Brazilian Environmental Laws assuring the sustainability of the handicraft work and the lives of the native people throughout the region. 
    • No pesticide, chemicals or other toxic products are applied to the raw material.


    • Made with Natural Golden Grass Plant 
    • Golden Nylon Thread
    • Findings: Nickel Free - Hypoallergenic - Gold Plated 18K 
    • Cristal Clear Rhinestone Detail  

    Important to Note:

    • Extremely Lightweight 
    • 3.5 cm long 
    • Please be aware that depending on the haversting and unique handicrafting, some of our items may slightly vary in colour, shape and finish. They may also present some imperfections which make them apart from machine made items.
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